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My awesome arts and shizz.. :meow:

Hope you like.. :dummy:



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Shahrul Effendy
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Yo! :)

You need Sonic characters with military tactical styles? I'm your guy.


Tiger Krom by G-Wolfe
Tiger Krom
It is done! :D

Everyone, meet Krom.

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Siberian White Tiger

Height: 170cm

Weight: 180kg

Occupation: Riot Police / Mercenary

Alignment: Neutral

Skills and Abilities: High Strength and Stamina, Excellent Brawler.

Hobbies and Talents: Playing all sorts of videogames, interest in IT stuff.

Weaknesses: Fast opponents, Super strong attacks, Explosives, and Super powered mobians.

Likes: Bashing foes, competition, hanging out with friends, finding great places to eat, watching movies, playing videogames.

Dislikes: Shit talkers, assholes, people who don't respect him and his friends, losing terribly, being lied to and left out.

Items and Weapons: Favors shields of any sort, mainly uses a ballistic shield. Pistols as primary firearm and a backup telescopic baton for melee. Wears tougher and more durable body armor with ballistic plates.

Personality: Krom has a noble spirit. He is generally friendly, but can be really serious. He is observant, and can be very judgmental. He will treat others with respect if others treat him just as respectful. He loves competition, and when somebody challenges him in something he's good at, he is willing to prove himself. If he is challenged in something he isn't familiar with, he will let it go if he loses unless he has some interest in it and continues to try.
However, he completely hates it when people trash talk and will try to embarrass and humiliate them if he can. He does not like losing fights where the enemy completely overwhelmed him.

Krom can be hard headed at times, however. If he believes he is right, it is rather hard for people to convince him otherwise, even his friends sometimes.

He does care a lot for his friends, and will help whenever he can.

In combat, he is aggressive and loud. He prefers a head-on fight and makes high use of his shield, trying to close the gap between him and the enemy to get into range of his pistol or melee weapon. He will try to keep attention of the enemy as long as he can so that his teammates may close in for the kill.
New Tiger Character WIP (Update) by G-Wolfe
New Tiger Character WIP (Update)
I'm working on a new character to join with Wolfe's gang. :D

I've gotten to this stage where I'm deciding on color. I've asked my friends for feedback and they all really like the orange color in the middle, so I'm probably going to pick that one.

A little info about him:

- He's probably the biggest/tallest among all of Wolfe's team members so far.

- Primarily uses a Ballistic Shield, Pistol of his choice, and a melee weapon (Still deciding on what).

- Being the biggest and strongest, he is considered taking up the "Tank" role in the team.

- He has a strong demeanor. Very competitive and judgmental but can be noble and respectful towards those close to him.

So just out of curiosity, which color which you guys like?



So I noticed everybody liked the white one. :XD:

The bottom two are the new ones I tweaked. Gave the shoes yellow stripes and I think it balances the colors better.

What will it be now? White or Orange? I really like both now actually haha.
Panda Shray - New look by G-Wolfe
Panda Shray - New look
Quite old art. I sketched this waaaay back last year on January, but haven't worked on him since.

I planned to redo almost all the characters I created but really I was just slacking off almost the entire previous year lol.

Thought I'd just upload this since I do like this look compared to the old one -…

This look fits his personality more too I believe. :D

I'll probably come back to this character. As for now, this is his current look.
Anyone know why my latest picture doesn't show up in my Newest Deviations widget?
Sonic Redo by G-Wolfe
Sonic Redo
You guys remember this picture I did ages ago? -…

What was originally just a sketch at 3am, lead to actually redoing that old picture of Sonic. :XD:

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